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Crystal Westbrooks

Crystal Westbrooks Facts
A seperate page dedicated to answering the frequently asked questions about Crystal Westbrooks. This page is constantly updated to give you the most accurate information about Crystal to all the fans and followers.

Crystal Westbrooks Family
Get to know the Crystal Westbrooks family! Finding information about the rest of the Westbrooks family online from one source can be tough. So we have gathered more information on Team Westbrooks for fans and followers out there! Click here to find out more.

Crystal Westbrooks 2012 Holidays
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Check out one of the favorites and younger of the Westbrooks girls as she returns home from schooling in Texas to spend the holiday season with her family members.

Crystal Westbrooks Fashion
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal has come out of her hiding to share some hot new photo's of her unique style with her fans online. Taking several pictures that came out with a very "American Apparel" vibe. Check them out here.

Crystal Westbrooks 2013
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal Westbrooks most recent images she's taken the time out to share with her fans worldwide of her in the new Year. Check out all her latest images here.

Crystal Westbrooks Balloon Pics
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal Westbrooks finally released some cool recent photo's of herself. During her Thanksgiving break from school she took some creatives photo's with balloons. Check them out here.

Crystal Westbrooks with Beyonce Braids
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal Westbrooks has been getting more and more experimental with her look. Check out the California native with braids. That's right, Crystal is trying out the whole Beyonce Braids thing, and it really works for her!

Crystal Westbrooks Making a Tumblr Comeback
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal Westbrooks has always been the quieter of the Westbrooks girls but she recently has been making quite a comeback online with her latest photo releases. Check all of them out here and see what Crystal has been up to all this time.

Crystal Westbrooks Parties with Sisters in Dallas
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal Westbrooks parties in Dallas Texas after being reunited with her sisters India and Morgan Westbrooks who were in town to host several events in the city. Check out the photo's here!

Crystal Westbrooks and Stevie
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal Westbrooks IS taken, she is dating another senior boy from her high school that goes by the name Stevie. Click here to check out their most popular pictures together.

Crystal Westbrooks and Stevie Thanksgiving Break
Crystal Westbrooks pictures
// Crystal had returned home for her Thanksgiving break from college in Texas and spent time catching up with her boyfriend Stevie. Check out their photo's here.

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