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Crystal Westbrooks was born on March 6th in Compton, CA. She currently stars alongside her widely-popular social media famous family in the new BET Network reality show The Westbrooks. Those who know her call her ‘Crys’ and many of those who don’t, may refer to her as ‘India Love’s sister.’ However, Crystal is on the fast track to becoming the latest household name in pop culture. In the early 2000s, Crystal began to post original content to her personal Tumblr page that included variety of striking self portraits and images of her equally gorgeous family members. The combination of her consistency, engagement with followers and her unique beauty and eclectic personal style, set Crystal to garner the attention of thousands almost overnight. Soon enough her reach spread onto other various social media platforms including MySpace and most recently, Instagram.

It wasn’t until Crystal came across dozens of designated fan accounts, as well as multiple fake social media accounts posing as her, that she truly realized her influence and newfound internet celebrity. Crystal currently has over 674k followers on Instagram alone. She continues to deliver fresh, original content to her loyal followers and growing fanbase. Crystal uses her social media influence to uplift her followers and spread positivity.

Crystal Westbrooks is more than a reality star born from the internet. She is currently in her senior year at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX where she will graduate with a degree in Business Finance. Crystal is a lover of poetry and the outdoors. She is constantly entertained by her Kardashian-sized family, which she puts before anything else in her life. Her Dad, a high school dropout-turned-entrepreneur, prides himself on providing his children all of the things he didn’t have during his humble upbringings. Crystal considers her mother, a fulltime homemaker, the official dictionary definition of a ‘Great Mother.’ 

Crystal has an unbreakable respect for her parents and a great admiration for their strong work ethic and loving nature. Among Crystal’s five siblings, she is closest with her younger sister India (a fellow internet sensation herself). Although Crystal, the bookworm, is much more of an introvert than her sister India, Crystal claims their opposite personalities work to compliment each other perfectly -- India is the ‘yin’ to her ‘yang.’

As for her future, the possibilities are endless for Crystal. Crystal possesses the drive and the undeniable passion required to create her own path to unbound success. Not only does she aspire to be a professional model, she aspires to become a walking icon. Longterm, Crystal sees herself building a personal brand that not only encompasses all things fashion and beauty, but also sticks to her dreams of giving back and spreading positivity. 




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